Golden soup

Crab meat in-shell is slow-roasted in the oven and blended with Japanese sake and natural salt to create a rich dashi stock full of crab flavor. Shredded crab meat is then lavishly added to the stock to create a thick soup.

How to Prepare

(Warm soup)
While still frozen and without opening the bag, place in hot water and heat for about 6 minutes, then serve in a bowl.

* When using a microwave oven, make sure to remove from the bag, place in a bowl covered in cling film and heat.
* Cannot be prepared in a toaster oven.
* Once defrosted do not re-freeze as the quality of the soup will suffer.
* Please consume immediately after opening the bag.
* If the bag makes direct contact with the saucepan, it can burst and the contents leak out, so please make sure to use a large enough saucepan.
* Please take care not to burn yourself when eating hot soup.

Contains 180g
Best Before Date At least 30 days after delivery
*Please check the actual "best before" date marked on the package before eating.
Storage Method Under -18℃ temparature
Ingredients Deep Sea Red Crab、Sake、Salt、Green Onion、Starch、Dashi(soup stock)
Manufactured by Kanedai Co., Ltd. Factory (JAPAN)