Crab Meat

After flash freezing our caught deep sea red crab, we use our unique techniques to peel the crab without letting it defrost at all.
This omits the need for peeling by the customer, and also means that the meat can be used in a range of dishes upon defrosting.
This crab meat comes from the lower part of the crab’s claw, which is subject to a lot of movement. The meat is firm, with a highly-concentrated flavor. This is a product full of crab meat only, offering great value.
(To preserve maximum freshness, the crab is boiled and flash frozen on deck)

How to Prepare

Pre-defrost step: Please defrost the crab using the following methods after rinsing away the film of ice on top of the crab with lukewarm water.
Natural Defrost: Space the crab out on a flat surface like a plate, cover with cling film, and leave at room temperature for 1-2 hours.
Deforst in refrigerator: Space the crab out on a flat surface like a plate, cover with cling film, and leave for 3-4 hours.
Defost under running water: Place the crab in a plastic bag and run the water over the bag without getting it directly on the crab.
Defrost in 500W microwave: Place the crab in a heat-resistant container and heat for 100 seconds per 10 pieces (defrost time will differ depending on model of microwave.)

*The white film-like substance that develops on the surface of the crab is a coagulation of protein formed upon heating.
*To prevent drying out during storage, please cover the surface of the crab with a thin film of ice.
*Re-freezing the crab after defrost will cause the quality of the meat to deteriorate, so please avoid this.
*Occasionally a piece of shell is mistakenly left on the crab. In this case please remove the shell before eating.
*Please eat the crab as quickly as possible after defrost.

Contains 300g(25〜40pieces)
Best Before Date At least 30 days after delivery
*Please check the actual "best before" date marked on the package before eating.
Storage Method Under -18°C temparature
Ingredients Deep Sea Red Crab, Salt
Manufactured by Kanedai Co., Ltd. Factory (JAPAN)