Western-style Soup Stock (Dashi)

Deep Sea Red Crab is baked at a high temperature to condense the (umami) flavor and combined with select, domestically grown vegetables to make “Fumet de Crab” stock. Made taking a hint from “Fumet de Poisson,” the seafood broth used in French cuisine. With not a single unnecessary thing added, it brings out the very best feature of “Deep Sea Red Crab,” its umami flavor. It uses no artificial flavoring or preservatives.

This western-style soup stock is packed with extracted umami of Deep Sea Red Crab, roasted onions, and aromatic vegetables such as celery. Great as the base of seafood pasta, gratins, paellas, etc., allowing the crab flavor to spread out and bring rich taste to your regular dishes.

How to Prepare

Basic stock recipe

Add one packet of the soup stock to 300ml of water and heat it up, once boiled, simmer for 5–7 minutes from cold.
*If you wish to make the broth thicker, reduce the amount of water to 200ml.

Open the packet and use it as a powdered seasoning.

You can use this product as a powdered seasoning for dishes such as pasta, fried rice by stir-frying ingredients with, or simply sprinkling it directly onto such dishes with the usage of one packet for 2–3 servings.
*Please check out our recipe pages for more details.

Contains 6g×5pac
Best Before Date At least 30 days after delivery
*Please check the actual "best before" date marked on the package before eating. 
Storage Method Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Ingredients Dried crab (Deep Sea Red Crab), flavoring ingredients (roast onions, carrots, cabbage, garlic, mushrooms, and celery), salt, and yeast extract.
Manufactured by Kanedai Co., Ltd. Factory (JAPAN)