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Our Deep Sea Red Crab is loved by people the world over, and in Japan they are even known as the "illusive crabs." These crabs live in the deep sea of the Atlantic Ocean at depths of 400 to 1,000m. Although Deep Sea Red Crab can also sometimes be caught in Japan, such as around the open seas of Shizuoka, they are so rare and so delicious that fishermen are known to eat them before putting them for sale on the markets. This is why they are known as the illusive crabs.

We have been catching Deep Sea Red Crab for approximately 40 years off the coast Namibia, in Southern Africa, at depths of 500 to 800m.

Our mission is to allow customers to enjoy their delicious flavors at their best, and hence we use our very own techniques to prepare them for sale either shelled or still in their shells.

Our Deep Sea Red Crab is frozen within an hour of being caught, and they are never defrosted even during the shelling process. They are only defrosted for the first time when they arrive at our customers' homes, so they never lose their freshness.

We bring to all our customers the fresh flavors of the crabs one hour after they are caught in the seas of Namibia. Currently, there are two companies in Japan that sell Deep Sea Red Crabs; however, Kani Monogatari is the only company in the country that sells them in shelled form.

We hope you will enjoy these illusive Deep Sea Red Crab either at home or by sending them as a gift.

Making “Extraordinary” Ordinary
— Our Takaramono (treasure)

Thank you for visiting our Kani Monogatari website. We truly appreciate your interest. Maybe this was meant to be. So please give us a moment to introduce ourselves and tell you our story.

Kani Monogatari was born following the Great East Japan Earthquake, which had occurred on March 11, 2011.

Its parent company, Kanedai Co., Ltd. (Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture) has been fishing Deep Sea Red Crab, a kind of crab which is referred to as “the dream crab” in Japan, in Namibia, Africa, since 1974. Deep Sea Red Crab lives in the Atlantic Ocean at depths of 400 to 1,000m, and while it is also sometimes caught in Japan around the open seas of Shizuoka, etc., Deep Sea Red Crab is so rare and delicious that fishermen are known to eat it all without putting it on the markets. This is why it is known as “the dream crab”.

We have engaged in Deep Sea Red Crab fishing for over 40 years. Crab fishing for this particular kind of crab is extremely rare in Japan, such that there are only two (2) ships from Japan that are permitted to do so Deep Sea Red Crab is black in color and has a round, plump shape. Although we see it as being misshapen in a cute way, it is this ungainly appearance that has gotten in the way of it being well received in Japan. However, with our strong belief in its rich flavor and high quality, we have always strived to make this crab become more known to the public in Japan,.

Then, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck Japan. We lost all the factories where we had processed our crabs as well as our offices. It left no trace of them whatsoever; such that now, after six years, it has become difficult for us to clearly remember what they used to look like.

All that was left was our employees and a ship that had been away to fish in Namibia at that time.
We were in pain. We were in distress.
But we were also happy; because we had something important left: our takaramono (treasure).

“We need to take this treasure and help it grow with even greater love and care.” With this determination, hand in hand with valuable members of our team —eight months after the Earthquake— we opened our restaurant, Kani Monogatari, in one section of the Fukko Yatai Mura Kesennuma Yokocho, as a place where customers can relax and enjoy Deep Sea Red Crab.
We wanted to make a “special day” when people tend to eat crabs “any day”.
We felt this way because up until then, we had been doing business and living our daily lives as something very ordinary. However, since that tragic day, all the ordinary things that we knew of suddenly became extraordinary.
Actually, no, we take that back. It was then that we realized that all “ordinary” things have always been “extraordinary”.

Precisely because of this realization, we have come to wish for people to spend more and more days that they feel as “extraordinary” in the same way we did. We would also like to do that ourselves. This is our hope.
The message, "Making “Extraordinary” Ordinary," which is always displayed next to the Kani Monogatari's logo, was chosen to convey all of these feelings.
It also contains our hope that we will be able to bring great happiness and extraordinary moments to all of you, and your loved ones,. With such earnest hope...

Thank you for taking your time to read our story. We are extremely grateful to have met you.



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